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In support of "Preserving... A Tradition of Excellence", through the paradigm of our shared musical education, for the students and community of Fairfield Union schools.

Founder's Club

Greg Hockman

Sean Fowler

Brad Shull

Jordan & Carrie Burnworth Family

Travis & Jennifer VanAtta Family

In Memory of Don Fowler

(Voice of the Falcons) - by Etta Fowler

Sandra Shaw McCoy

Dale and Judy Ferbrache

Tina Forsythe Johns

Larry Turner Family

Janis Foster Smeltzer & Family

The Ackerman Family (Jim, Mary, Julie, Lisa)

Tom and Paula Teeter

Mike & Susie Maynard

Paul & Gert Young

Sandra "Hampson" Wince Family

The Tiffany Ray/Wild Family

Beverly Elder Sturm "Lil Elder"

Roberts Family

JoAnn Detwiler Shahan

Lynn Allmond

Owen Gorman

Randy Miller

Michael D. Smeck

The Tyson Hillis Family

Marcus Shull

In Honor of Dean & Judy Ackerman-

by Mary Owens

Cinda Thomas

Matthew Jenkins

Rachel Jenkins

Susan Goodman (Griffith)

Traci and Eric Mahler Family

Talinn Phillips

Jacien Squires

Daniel & Katherine Adkins

David Bugh

Zane Trace Station

Pat Paskins

Stacy Dickson

Brian Mahler

Ann Trocchia-Taiganides

Chip & Marcia Friesner

Katrina Mollenkopf

Chrisy George

Stacey Poling

Amber Leith

 In memory of Nick Jourdan

by Amy & Brandon Wagner

and David McCandlish

Mindy Muck

Michelle Smith

In memory of Scott Alan Porter

by Vickie Bolinger

Beverly Sturm

Rusty Hines

David McCandlish

Mandy Rhymer-Brannon

James Delius

Janice Bartlett, Shayne West and Trent West

Diane Rowles Sommers

Lauren Sommers

Melissa Sommers

Thomas McClellan

Kaylan & Ethan Featheroff

Robert & Carol Trocchia

In memory of Beth Roush

by the Class of 1997

In memory of Brandy Nowlin

by the Class of 1997

Franklin Hillyard

Leanna Brown George

Howard & Lisa Schisler

The West family-

Tom, Judy, Scott, Diana, Davis and Erin

Elder Family Farms

In memory of Nancy Scholl Truesdell-

by Elizabeth Truesdell Richardson

Stacey Au

Dave & Cindy Horsky

Dave & Julie Verdow Family

Mike Springer

Thank you to all of the Founder's Club Members for your generous contributions!

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