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Event Location

Fairfield Union High School

6675 Cincinnati Zanesville Rd NE

Lancaster, OH 43130


*Shirt - Red Alumni Band Shirt
(ordered via
Swag Store**)
*Bottoms - Black pants or black shorts
*Footwear- Athletic shoes
No loud/bright colors, please.
**Financial assistance available for
shirts if needed.


Thursday, August 31st, Tuesday, September 5th, and Thursday, September 7th
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Full Band
Tuesday, September 12th 

Doors open at 4:30

Thursday, September 14th
5:30-8:30 (Social event 8:30-10:00)
Doors open at 4:30

Friday, September 15th
Doors open at 3:30

Falconettes, Majorettes and
Color Guard - rehearsals begin
at 5:00 Tuesday and Thursday.

From the Desk of the

FUMAA Executive Committee:

Welcome! The FUMAA committees are very excited to be able to coordinate the 3rd Alumni Band Night event and we are all very thankful for your participation!

Thank you so much for your patience and excellent showing of FALCON PRIDE at the previous alumni band nights in 2019 and 2021. Everyone took excellent care of the facility and the areas that we populated during our rehearsals and performance. We are very proud of the way everyone conducted themselves and we expect to see the same this time around. I do want to share just a few reminders of the expectations while we are on the FU campus.

Please keep in mind.....we are GUESTS at Fairfield Union's facilities. Yes, this is our Alma Mater, yes we put blood, sweat and tears (no puns intended) into this place, but we are GUESTS. FUMAA is not an affiliate nor do we fall under any governing rights with Fairfield Union Schools. We are a separate entity that operates under our own Constitution and By-Laws established by the founding Executive Officers of FUMAA. We will hold any individual in our group (FUMAA or Fairfield Union Marching Falcon Alumni Band) fully accountable for their actions. We expect that you will be polite, responsible, respectable adults while on FU property. When you wear the red Alumni Band shirt, you are representing FUMAA and the Alumni Band. Remember, we are setting an example and there will be many, many youthful eyes watching your actions and hearing your words at all times. There should be NO trash left in our section of bleachers, there should be NO swearing, there should be NO disrespect and there will be NO toleration of any negative actions towards any other band member or guest.


-Second most important topic....FOOD!

Light refreshments will be available during Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals and of we will have plenty of water.

FUMAA will be providing pizza for BOTH bands at half time on Friday night. Everyone will be served as promptly as possible. Bottled water will be available as well. This will be located very close to the band seating area.



Bands will be seated together for the duration of the game. There will be a section of bleachers assigned to us next to the current Marching Falcons.



If you have requested a loaner instrument….

  • A) There will be a check-out/check-in process Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • B) There will be FUMAA representatives to assist with check-in and check-out process.

  • C) Once the instrument is checked-out, you may take it home with you to practice with.

  • D) Friday evening upon arrival back to the band room, instrument check-in will begin. Please have all loaned assets prepared for inspection and packaged properly upon return to the designated area.



You are permitted free admittance to the stadium the night of the 15th. If for some reason you are arriving to the stadium prior to meeting with the band, please provide the gate attendant with your name. Family/friends of Alumni Band participants are welcomed and encouraged to attend the event, but the regular admission fees apply to those individuals.



If you have a special accommodation request, (transportation from school to field, seating at ground level (not in bleachers) during game, assistance getting in/out of mobility device), please let us know NOW so we can plan to have the appropriate staff in place to fulfill your request. Please email with your request.



Upon arrival to Fairfield Union High School campus, watch for signs (election style signs on ground) directing you to the band room. Parking is available on all sides of the building. The band room is located at far east side of high school building.



PLEASE EMAIL with ANY concerns or questions. We are a small but mighty group of individuals planning this event and we want to accommodate everyone’s wishes/needs, but we can only do so with proper planning and advance notice.

-Thank you for your involvement, recommendations, financial support and ultimately, PARTICIPATION! We are excited for the 2023 Alumni Marching Falcons to show our FALCON PRIDE!

-FUMAA Executive Committee

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