From the Desk of

FUMAA Executive Committee:

Welcome! FUMAA is very excited to be able to coordinate the Alumni Band Night event and we are all very thankful for your participation!

Just a little "Housekeeping" first......

Please keep in mind.....we are GUESTS at Fairfield Union's facilities. Yes, this is our Alma Mater, yes we put blood, sweat and tears (no puns intended) into this place, but we are GUESTS. FUMAA is not an affiliate nor do we share any governing rights with Fairfield Union Schools. We are a separate entity that operates under out own Constitution and By-Laws set forth by our founding Executive Officers of FUMAA. We will hold any individual in our group (FUMAA or Fairfield Union Marching Falcon Alumni Band) fully accountable for their actions. We demand that you are polite, responsible, respectable adults while on FU property. When you wear the red Alumni shirt, you are representing FUMAA and the Alumni Band. Remember, we are to set an example and there will be many, many youthful eyes watching your actions and hearing your words at all times. There will be NO trash left in our section of bleachers, there will be NO swearing, there will be NO disrespect and there will be NO toleration of any negative actions towards any other band member or guest.


-Second most important topic....FOOD!

Light refreshments will be available during Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals.

FUMAA is providing pizza for BOTH bands at half time on Friday night. Everyone will be served as promptly as possible. Bottled water will be available as well. This will be located very close to the band seating area.



Bands will be seated together for the duration of the game. There will be a section of bleachers assigned to us next to the current Marching Falcons.



If you have requested a loaner instrument….

  • A) There will be a check-out/check-in process Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • B) There will be representatives to assist with check-in and check-out process.

  • C) Once the instrument is checked-out, you may take it home with you to practice with.

  • D) Friday evening upon arrival back to the band room, instrument check-in will begin. Please have all loaned assets prepared for inspection and packaged properly upon return to the designated area.



You are permitted free admittance to the stadium the night of the 13th. If for some reason you are arriving to the stadium prior to meeting with the band, please provide the gate attendant with your name. Family/friends of Alumni Band participants are welcomed and encouraged to attend the event, but the regular admission fees apply to those individuals.



If you have a special need (transportation from school to field, seating at ground level (not in bleachers) during game, assistance getting in/out of mobility device, please let us know NOW so we can plan to have the appropriate staff in place to accommodate your needs. Email with your request.



There will be a map of the campus posted on our page in the coming days. You will also have a campus map in your packet that you will receive at check-in on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Upon arrival to Fairfield Union High School campus, watch for signs (election style signs on ground) directing you to the band room. Parking will be at your discretion, but there will be a few places noted on the map that will get you as close to the band room as possible.



PLEASE EMAIL with ANY concerns or questions. We are a small but mighty group of individuals planning this event and we want to accommodate everyone’s wishes/needs, but we can only do so with proper planning and advance notice.

-Thank you for ALL your involvement, recommendations, financial support and ultimately, PARTICIPATION! The numbers are incredible and the 13th will be EPIC!

-FUMAA Executive Committee

Event Location



Fairfield Union High School

6675 Cincinnati Zanesville Rd NE

Lancaster, OH 43130

*Shirt - Red Alumni Band Shirt
(ordered via registration)
*Bottoms - Black pants or shorts
*Footwear- Athletic shoes
No loud/bright colors, please.
Financial assistance available for
shirts. If you do not have these
wardrobe options, that is
completely fine. Come as you are!
Tuesday, September 10th 
Doors open at 4:30
Thursday, September 12th
Doors open at 4:30
Friday, September 13th
5:00 (Prior to pregame)
Doors open at 3:30
Falconettes, Majorettes and
Color Guard - rehearsals begin
at 5:30 Tuesday and Thursday.

From the Desk of

Mr. David Horsky

– Director, Fairfield Union Marching Falcon Alumni Band

Wanted to share some information and a few exciting thoughts with the group regarding our performance on September 13th as well as some rehearsal information for the evenings of September 10th and 12th.


-Field Preparation

For you "more experienced" (older) members you may remember Thursday night rehearsals under the lights. What a thrill to have parents and even FOOTBALL PLAYERS AND COACHES sitting in the stands supporting your rehearsal.

Well, recent graduates (younger) have never

enjoyed that experience, but thanks to Mr. Belville, the Fairfield Union Alumni Marching Falcons will be spending a portion of Tuesday and Thursday night rehearsals on the stadium field. Making you aware ahead of time, please wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the rehearsals as a portion will be outdoors.


-Hallowed Ground

For those of you reminiscing about marching "on the same dirt" you marched on years ago, sorry, but the stadium turf was totally replaced two years ago and the "dirt" you will be marching on is totally new. The good news is that the Fairfield Union Alumni Marching Falcons will be able to drive down this new turf for every Marching Falcon Alumni who ever marched at Fairfield Union. Let’s “christen” the new field with our Funk!



With our new founded ability to access to stadium field both Tuesday and Thursday evening I have completely revised our rehearsal schedule.

*4:30-6:00 Registration/check-in, loaner instrument pickup/Social time

*6:00-6:15 Announcements/Meet and Greet (It is imperative that you be punctual and in the band room, seated and prepared to listen at 6:00)

*6:15-6:50 Inside music (since the entire rehearsal is now not focused exclusively on music, part of your home prep will be Music, Music, Music – ***Remember, loaner instruments can be obtained early. Email to coordinate.)

*7:00-8:30 Parade to stadium field, rehearse pregame, parade back to high school facility

Both nights we will be able to rehearse the following:

lining up in pregame formation on the "practice field (east of the school)

splitting into fours

parading with cadences to the field (Cherry, FU, Sideways, Tequila, Funky Falcon, surprises?)

enter the stadium

adjust block for pregame downfield

downfield (to fight song)

stand in place (National Anthem)

right facing movement (Alma Mater)

drag turn and "float" downfield


I am SO psyched!!! How many times as an adult can you return to any activity from high school (academic challenge team excluded) and do exactly what you did then? The Fairfield Union Marching Falcon Alumni Band is going to rock the stadium and entertain like no one else can!!!


-Opening Announcement

"Ladies, and gentleman, please direct your attention to the west end of the field, where under the direction of Mr. Robert Trocchia, Dr. Paul Young and Mr. David Horsky, we proudly present/ and still the PRIDE of Fairfield Union, in their inaugural season, the 2019 Fairfield Union Alumni Marching Falcons".

(digadigadi-ca digadigadi-ca UP-2-3-Chair, step – into the Fight Song) – Yes….we are doing traditional style down the field….(everyone will do the best they can, and that’s all we ask)

At this point, if you’re not ready to jump out of your chair (couch) and drive onto the field, I have failed. Please be safe in your travels to Falcon Country and I look forward to working with you all in a performance none of us will ever forget.


-Final Question?

(For those of you who this was not a tradition at the end of every rehearsal while in a tight huddle……better memorize it! We’ll be using it!)

-Who has the best band in the land?

-(Band reply) “We do!”


-(Band reply)“We’re number 1!”


-(Band reply) “We work hard!”